EBS03 - 80ml


The patented photocatalytic titanium apatite filter (PTAF) based on nanotechnology can effectively decompose germs and microorganism that is harmful to human body, dislodge all kinds of odors even when it is under weak lightning/sunlight conditions.

Coating to the surface, the product become a retina format to strongly absorb and decompose kinds of virus and bacteria. It can effectively erase and decompose weak alkalis severe odors, bacteria, formaldehyde, total volatile organic compound (TVOC) (example: toilet, pet, sweat, mud etc.), to clean the indoor air up to Europe 5A standard.

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  1. Absorbing visible and UV lights to oxidise and decompose pathogens and other organic substances.
  2. Can effectively kill a variety of bacteria and viruses and decompose and detoxify the toxins released by it.
  3. Effectively decompose toxic and harmful gases in the air into a small amount of carbon dioxide and water.
  4. Spray on the object surface to ensure the area remain clean and disinfected.

Photocatalytic Titanium Apatite Filter (PTAF) in water solution.

Net volume


  1. Cell phone, tablet, personal computer cleaning and disinfection.
  2. Anti-odor, air cleaning and disinfection for face mask.
  3. Acts as anti-odor and mold removal in textile and clothes.
  4. Easy to carry – Perfect for disinfection and protection during travelling.

Keep 30cm distance and spray evenly onto the targeted surface or area. Please make sure to spray the liquid onto a clean surface of the target objects or area. Wait for at least 10 hours for the coated film to slowly solidify. Coverage: Approximate 100ml for 10m2.

Best use
Within 18 months from the date of manufacture.

Date of manufacture
See on the lid


  • Keep the product in shady and cool place.
  • Not for human body.
  • Not for food consumption.
  • Keep away from children reach.

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