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Initial Test & Treatment

Our trained professional team will visit your premise for assessment and consultation. Our spray service will be carried out thereafter.

Post Treatment Test

After the treatment, our team will visit again to assess the premise, making sure every corner is covered and your premise is protected.

Aloes Tree Badge

Our solution may include the combination of our EBS Photocatalyst Spray, Antiviral Film and Air Cat Air Purifier.

Our ESB photocatalyst spray is based on the 6th generation photocatalyst technology. It is non-toxic, odorless, colorless and safe for human and pets. It doesn’t take long for the surface to dry out and coating to solidify. Work can resume thereafter. 

Our badge is a prove that your company is committed to providing a safe and hygienic place for customers and employees.

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Covid-19 Pandemic Prevention Measures

In the light of increasing confirmed cases of Covid-19, Aloes Tree has implemented the following prevention measures to protect both our staff and clients:

  1. Members of our Spray Team are required to fill in the form of “Declaration of travel and health status” once every two weeks, and to present the Declaration to the client for every visit.
  2. Compulsory “Covid-19 Rapid Test” has been imposed on members of our Spray Team and a Negative result is guaranteed for those who are on duty.
  3. Members of our Spray Team MUST measure their body temperature before entering the client’s premises, to make sure they are in good health condition.
  4. Our Spray Team MUST put on their protective gears, including safety goggles, one-time medical gloves, protective overall and shoe covers, before entering the client’s premises.
  5. Upon completion of work, our Spray Team will take off their protective gears, ONLY AFTER leaving the client’s premises.