Project “MICAH”

Photocatalyst Spraying Campaign for Subdivided Flats


To promote a sustainable, hygienic and healthy living environment

“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

Micah 6:8


05 November 2020

The ongoing, devastating effect of COVID-19 on every aspect of our community is undeniable, impacting health, finances, lifestyles, education and businesses. However, the most harmful impact of the pandemic has been communities gripped by panic and fear, particularly those with a high population density of which the most vulnerable communities are those living in subdivided flats.

While the world eagerly awaits the discovery and availability of a vaccine to return to the “old norm”, we play our part in our communities to contain the virus through the Three W’s of COVID-19 prevention:
  1. Wear a mask
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Watch your distance


Our goal is to provide an extra measure against COVID-19 with the 4th W:

  • Ward off the virus continually
As the colder months approach and the possibility of a 4th wave looms over Hong Kong, our NanoWave Photocatalyst 6.0 technology can ward off COVID-19 by killing 99.99% of viruses before they can spread.

Example: Bird Flu Test Result


During this pandemic, churches and other meeting bodies have been able to congregate virtually to still meet while social distancing. However, there are communities that have not had the option to distance from other people, restricted to homes that are already overcrowded and at risk of an outbreak. These communities are subdivided flats.

That is why we look to agencies, churches, community leaders, and passionate Hong Kongers to protect the most vulnerable of our community and help ward off the virus.



The total number of subdivided flats in Hong Kong was estimated to be some 92,700 units in 2016. Over half (56.9%) of these units were located in Kowloon, of which 21,500 (23.2%) were located in the Yau Tsim Mong district according to the Hong Kong Census & Statistics Department.
In view of an expected 4th wave of COVID-19 cases, Christian Action and Aloes Tree are coming together to offer free Photocatalyst Spray to the subdivided flats in districts identified by Christian Action and churches for their need and high density, enabling a safe living environment for communities most at risk.


We invite churches, agencies, caring companies and passionate Hong Kongers to come together with us to bless these communities living in subdivided units by sponsoring our Nanowave Photocatalyst 6.0 Spraying service to ensure that they are also protected from COVID-19.

For every NanoWave Photocatalyst 6.0 spraying service sponsored, Aloes Tree will match your order by blessing you with a free spray for your home or facility, with equal size (sq. ft.) per package. Through this, we enable hygienic and healthy living communities with a long-term solution to ward off the virus.

We reach out in faith, inviting all churches and agencies in Hong Kong to participate in this campaign for the glory of God.


Number of SDU
as per Sponsorship @100 sq. ft. / unit
FREE Service
as per Sponsorship (sq. ft.)
Package A* 10 Up to 1000’ *Joint Sponsorship of max. no. of 2 sponsors is also welcome.

Please contact us at 9466 4732 for sponsorship amounts.
Package B* 20 Up to 2000’
Package C 30 Up to 3000’
Package D 50 Up to 5000’
Our NanoWave 6th Generation Photocatalyst product, SNAP Lite, offers durability for up to 12 months per coating.


Fill in the order form below. An Official Receipt will be issued to you upon confirmation of your payment and we will get back to you about the work schedule within 3 working days.

Bank information as follow:
Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) Limited
Account No.: 382-542-1-017533-02

**Please kindly send us the payment slip for confirmation**

Contact Details:
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +852 9466 4732

Registration Form

Please fill in the following information for the Spray Service.
1st Participant
Preferred Work Schedule
*Additional charges may incur for work to be carried out after 6:00pm.
Please fill in the following information for the Spray Service.
2nd Participant Only for package A & B
Preferred Work Schedule
*Additional charges may incur for work to be carried out after 6:00pm.


Christian Action was established in 1985 as a Hong Kong registered charitable organization. Our mission is to serve those who are poor, disadvantaged, marginalized, displaced or abandoned, aiming to give them hope, dignity and self-reliance. Our service recipients include underprivileged children and youth, the unemployed, low-income families, ethnic minorities, refugees, migrant domestic workers, as well as orphans and abandoned children in Qinghai; we also run social enterprise programmes. Our services are based on the example of Jesus Christ to serve all people regardless of their age, gender, nationality and religion.
Aloes Tree Nanotech Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong with a mission to provide healthy living environments for everyone through our patented antiviral technology products, NanoWave 6th Generation Photocatalyst Technology, PTAF.


The 6th Generation PTAF (Photocatalyst Titanium Apatite filter)

Our 6th generation Photocatalyst technology uses 10 nano-sized crystals meshed with HydroxyApatite to form a filter that allows for a stronger adsorption capacity & higher degradation efficacy with adsorption taking place even in the dark.

Our technology works 24/7, even in the dark, dim light or cold light
Kill 99.99% of SARS, influenza etc., and Removal of odors and mold
Tested safe for skin and food

Covid-19 Pandemic Prevention Measures

In the light of increasing confirmed cases of Covid-19, Aloes Tree has implemented the following prevention measures to protect both our staff and clients:

  1. Members of our Spray Team are required to fill in the form of “Declaration of travel and health status” once every two weeks, and to present the Declaration to the client for every visit.
  2. Compulsory “Covid-19 Rapid Test” has been imposed on members of our Spray Team and a Negative result is guaranteed for those who are on duty.
  3. Members of our Spray Team MUST measure their body temperature before entering the client’s premises, to make sure they are in good health condition.
  4. Our Spray Team MUST put on their protective gears, including safety goggles, one-time medical gloves, protective overall and shoe covers, before entering the client’s premises.
  5. Upon completion of work, our Spray Team will take off their protective gears, ONLY AFTER leaving the client’s premises.

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