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The Devastation of Covid-19

The coronavirus (Covid-19) has claimed over 1 million life across the globe. Life is lost on daily basis and the infection rate is astronomically high. It has forced a change on our daily life.

There is hope, we can fight this together. Our purpose is to reshape the new norm to protect everyone from pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and fungi.


Aloes Tree Limited

Incorporated in Hong Kong, we are a company specialize in Technology and Total Solutions that Eradicates Pathogens such as fungi, virus and bacteria.



It is a material which absorbs light to bring it to higher energy level and provides such energy to a reacting substance to make a chemical reaction occur.


Antiviral Film

Independently tested and proven to be effectiveness against viruses and bacteria.

The film is capable of killing over 90% of the viruses such as the mouse-based coronavirus MHV-A59, the human coronavirus strain OC43. The product also demonstrated to be effective against other pathogens.

Our Solutions

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