NANOTECH α - Visible-Light Activated Photocatalyst


Disinfection & Air Purification Spray for Indoor Surfaces (Patent No. JP3975270B2)

#Anti-bacteria #Antivirus #Anti-odor #Mold Prevention #VOCs Removal

Patented Technology:

The patented photocatalytic titanium apatite filter (PTAF) is based on visible light activated nanotechnology which can effectively decompose germs and microorganism that is harmful to human body, dislodge all kinds of odors even without UV lights.

Product Features:

  • 24/7 all-round protection up to 30 Days
  • Tested to be non-toxic and no irritation to skin
  • Tested against various kinds of bacteria and virus (99%+)
  • Safely applicable to Baby & Pets Utilities

Content: TiO2/Hydroxyapatite, citric acid, purified water

Net Volume: e300ml / e160ml

Dimensions N/A

300ml, 160ml

Usage Instructions


Spray the solution evenly on a clean surface from a distance of approximately 40-60cm. If white residue is found after the surface dried up, gently rub it off with a cloth.


Avoid cleaning the sprayed surface within the first 8 hours.

DO NOT apply high concentration bleach or strong detergents as the coating may be destroyed.

DO NOT spray directly on human body or pets.

Avoid spraying on sockets as it may cause electricity leakage.


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